COVID - 19 Protocol

In these testing times the safety and health of our patients and staff is of utmost importance to us. We have taken necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe and comfortable when you visit us.

Patient Safety Implementation

  • Scheduled patients are requested to remain in their vehicle and call our office upon arrival in the parking lot.
  • Once we’re prepared to seat the patient, you will be met at your vehicle by a team member wearing a mask and gloves for a screening process. This process will include asking the CDC COVID-19 PATIENT DISCLOSURE questions, taking your temperature (99 or less is acceptable), assessment of cough, previous COVID-19 exposure, or presence of any other infection.
  • If any symptoms are present, the patient will be referred to a physician or to contact the local hospital emergency room to be evaluated ASAP. Only the scheduled patient (or one parent if patient is a minor) will be allowed into the office for the appointment.
  • All patients MUST STOP AT CLEANING STATION where you will be required to sanitize your hands and cell phone before being taken back to the treatment room. All your belongings must go back to the treatment room with you.
  • No two patients or any other persons will be allowed into the reception room at any time. No use of the reception area will be allowed at any time for patients waiting for treatment. The only exception will be for those who are recovering from IV anesthesia and waiting for their rides to arrive.
  • As soon as patients are in the treatment room, you will be asked to rinse for 60 seconds with a mouthwash mixture prior to seeing you.
  • All equipment, chairs, etc., will be cleaned and sanitized before each patient is seated.
  • No reading materials will be provided to patients. Patients may bring in their own reading material and it must be kept on their person or with their belongings at all times.
  • Any area in the treatment room or the office that has been touched by the patient’s personal belongings will be sanitized and disinfected.
  • Bathrooms in the office will be sanitized by the team after each use.
  • Special accommodations will be made for high risk and elderly patients.